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Meeting Martina Bisaz in Latsch, Graubünden

Martina, Influencer and Travel Photographer

Making a living out of traveling around the world? That sounds pretty awesome to me! So I got quite excited about the chance to meet and shoot with influencer and travel photographer Martina Bisaz (@kitkat_ch) and the lovely girls from SELFNATION in Latsch (GR).

After a long ride from Zurich to the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Grisons, we met Martina in her brand new appartement. Or well, let’s say brand new but still kind of old appartement – a traditional swiss barn, which appears now in its own charming way. Historic from the outside, but clean and minimalistic from the inside.

I immediately felt major interior envy. But anyway. We took our photos and walked around the cute  village (which had like 5 houses). Martina told us about her career, her reasons to move to such a place and about her future journeys.

To be short, you can read the interview from that day here.

The jeans and trousers brand SELFNATION is focused on creating perfectly fitting and tailor-made trousers, which are easy to order online.

„A love for details makes complex work unique.“

Since I’m a huge enthusiast when it comes to sustainability, I’m really happy to got in touch with such a nice brand and now be the owner of my personalized pair of Selfnation jeans.




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